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Teaching & Learning

Courage Forward, a 501(c)(3), offers support network for Veterans that includes resources for housing, job training and job placement. Once the veteran is able and stable, he or she will use their experiences where at-promise youth unite with Veterans to find purpose together; forming unique tribes in which courage forward become a way of life.

Be Bigger Than Yourself

Our guiding principles…


loyalty, sacrifice, devotion, selflessness & integrity


responsibility, accountability, dependability, initiative & a strong work ethic


the maturity gained & the values learned into healthy, wholesome fun

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

The problems might seem large, or they might seem insignificant to you, however, if you are the person being affected, it’s a big problem.  We are here to help.

At-Promise Youth

Meals Served


Cups Of Coffee

Why we are different

We work with Veterans and youth, as they are the two most underserved populations in our society. Veterans offer unique experiences in adapting to and overcoming obstacles that we can share with at-promise youth.

At-promise youth learns the team concept and being bigger than themselves while contributing to community and getting real-world experience. We offer at-promise youth guidance to success in life.

It was an honor and privilege to serve our country. But our job isn’t done… Courage Forward is how we plan to fulfill our commitment to better our community through Veteran support networks and at-promise youth intervention, education and support.

Our Team

Veterans, active duty, reserves, civilians… All focused on the important tasks at hand, inspiringteachinglearning.


Moises Rios-Hernandez

US Marine Corps

Moises was raised in Downey, and served with the United States Marine Corps during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Traditional values and determination are what keep his family business going.


Eric Kim

US Army

Over 25 plus years in branding, marketing, operations and strategy successful background in boosting sales revenues through advanced implementation and connectivity. Industries served include real estate, military, government, automotive, technology and finance.

Courage Forward unites at-promise youth with veterans to find purpose together.

Together, they form unique tribes in which courage forward becomes a way of life.

Our Veterans and at-promise youth strive to become bigger than themselves through inspiring, teaching and learning.

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