Mohib Hamidi


A quick look at my experience will reveal that my problem solving and management skills have been valuable at developing a diverse portfolio of businesses and organizations. My core ethic values, hard work and ability to work as both a member of a team and as a leader are also key traits I bring to the table. My diligence and ability to learn is highlighted by my accomplishments at UCLA where I graduated at the top of my class with Magna Cum Laude distinction. I am also very passionate about improving the world around me by being a social advocate. I am proud to have dedicated my time to social causes that help low wage worker recover their earned wage, advocate for social responsibility among corporations and hold our government accountable when they miss use resources to fund unnecessary wars abroad instead of investing in the people and infrastructure that elected them. In my heart, we as the young generation are burden with the responsibility of make this world a better place then the world our parents left us. Lots of work needs to be done but I am up for the challenge.